Zend Certified Engineer

I’ve recently started studying for the Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) program. I received the book a couple of weeks ago, but hadn’t really looked at it until yesterday. I’m somewhat disappointed in the study guide I purchased. I paid $45 (after shipping) for it and it’s just over 250 pages. I understand they want to keep the content concise and focused on what is most relevant to the exam, but I can’t help but feeling a little cheated as the content is a bit underwhelming. Anyone could read the study guide from cover to cover in a weekend.

I took one of the practice tests they provide online. They typically cost $10 each, but I purchased a 5 pack for $17. I plan to read through the study guide over the next few weeks and take a practice test at the end of each week to monitor my progress and prepare for the actual test. I was somewhat disappointed with my performance in some areas of the test. Although I passed the overall test, I failed the arrays portion of the test, which I found a bit surprising. There is apparently about 70 functions in PHP to manipulate arrays and I’m only using 10% of them on a regular basis.