Chore Wars – I totally pwned the laundry

I’m totally obsessed with Chore Wars I found out about it from Penny Arcade basically you do quest IRL and get Exp and Gold! I have to admit I’ve been more interested in ways to cheat than actually doing the laundry. We started a CW group at work and we’ve dedicated several adventures just for cheating. I’ve created a Selenium script to log me in, max out and do the cheaters quests until I’ve the system says I’ve maxed out my XP for the day. If you receive 500 or more XP at a time it cuts you off. It says that your only allowed 500xp per day, but in reality the counter resets every hour or so. So I’ve set up a cron job to run my Selenium script hourly to leave my co-workers in the dust. It’s totally against the spirit of the game, but it doesn’t make it any less fun.