iPhone Quirks

I recently received an iPhone as a present. Which is great since there is no chance I could afford to purchase one for myself at the moment. Overall I really love it. It’s a huge improvement from my 3yr old Blackberry. The browsing experience is second to none on any mobile device, but it still has a few quirks and missing features that I’m waiting for.

When you press Shift the on screen keyboard does not change case and there is no caps lock; I’ve found this a bit frustrating when typing in secure passwords.

There is no iChat application on the iPhone. I mean, come on Apple. I know you guys know we want this. I’m just hoping it got squeezed out of the initial release and will be included in a future update.

Gmail support sucks. You can add an multiple email addresses and IMAP seems to work well, but Gmail support is pretty sad. Any changes I make on the device like marking something read or deleting it is not reflected online.

You can only send email from your default email account. This means you can view multiple email accounts, but you can only send email from one. I’ve worked around this a few times by switching my default email account on the fly, but that is a real pain in the butt.