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  • steve918 11:09 pm on October 31, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Leopard: Tiger, but uglier 

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of Apple hardware and enjoy using OS X. I love the sexy interface and actually embrace pressing ‘Apple’ + <Anykey> to do things. I’ve owned a Mac for quite a while. I even have a couple one-button mice that I still use. I’m typing this blog post right now on a Tiger machine.

    I’m sure I’ll enjoy Leopard also, but I have to admit, my first impression of it was a bit of a disappointment, mainly due to the visual appeal of the new interface. Everything seems so drab and monochromatic. It just looks to me like a reverse evolution in the sexy interface department. Here is a small example of what I’m talking about

    Old Tiger Icons: New Leopard Icons:
    Tiger Icons Leopard icons

    I’m sure someone will find the Leopard drab color scheme appealing, but I like COLOR!

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    Week of JS hacks 

    This week seems to have been filled with ridiculous Javascript hacks.

    I came up with this one. I’m sure you can figure out what it does.

    function send_mail(body,subject) {
      var mailwin = window.open("mailto:admin@example.com?subject="
          + subject + "&body=" + body);

    I have to give credit to Ben from Vidoop for this one. It’s actually part of a Firefox plugin (you can’t usually create Java objects in JS). Apparently if you try to create a Java object the Javascript will often stop evaling completely if Java is not installed. This nice little trick creates a separate thread to check for Java support, this way if the thread never returns, we assume it failed.

    function checkJava() {
        var test = new java.util.LinkedList();
        if (test != null)
            vpwsJavaWorks = true;
    setTimeout(checkJava, 100);

    I saved the best for last. This is more of a rant than a hack. The following line of Javascript works in IE 6.0.2900 but evaluates differently in IE 6.0.3790

        var GetArg = window.location.search.match('foo=([a-z]*)')[1];
  • steve918 10:56 pm on October 30, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Pumpkin Trumped 


    I just finished carving my Halloween jack ‘0 lantern and was uploading the pictures to Flickr when my friend Luke who just happened to be doing the same thing sent me a link to his pumpkins. Apparently he has done this before.

  • steve918 7:44 pm on October 12, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Dr. Ron Paul Cured My Apathy 

    Dr. Ron Paul Cured My Apathy

    Originally uploaded by ronpaul2008
    Maybe I’m just showing my age… If so it’s probably for the better, but before now, I haven’t been interested in politics much.

    If I had voted in the previous presidential race it would have been for President Bush, but only because I felt he was the lesser of two evils at the time. Certainly not because I thought he would make a wonderful president. I don’t think anyone would disagree if I said Clinton was a better president and he was a lying, adulterous, pot smoker. Are these men really the best of Americans? That’s what the presidency represents right? – The most intelligent capable of all Americans. Can anyone say that George is the most intelligent and capable American they know with out cracking up inside.

    Dr. Ron Paul is the first man to run for office that’s made me excited about America’s future. He brings a fresh perspective to a tired old group of politicians who have been doing everything their way for decades and getting everything wrong.
    Some people might find his views to be a bit over the top, or extreme, but that’s exactly what America needs; An extremely drastic change in foreign policy, government spending, and political views.

    I’m going to, for the first time, register to vote and my vote is going for state’s rights, non-interventionist foreign policy and accountability of government actions to the people. Dr. Ron is the only candidate in my mind who has the character and a plan wacky enough it just might work. For once America has the opportunity to elect a man with an impressive career in the military, medicine and politics. Someone America can stand behind with confidence and no longer be a shameless political comedy to the rest of the world.

  • steve918 8:24 pm on October 10, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Virtual Private Server Drama 

    I was forced to drop VPSLink after it took them more than 12 hours to not restore my server image. I finally settled on Quantact and I’m far more pleased with the performace and my overall experience with their service. I just hope they work out for the long haul, because I don’t want to have to bounce my data around again any time soon.

  • steve918 8:19 pm on October 10, 2007 Permalink | Reply  


    I managed to roll back my iPhone firmware from the infamous 1.1.1 version allowing me to put third party applications back on my phone. I changed the Flickr badge on my blog to link to my new Flickr feed that will be populated with regularly changing images taken on my iPhone and uploaded instantly via Pushr or iFlickr.

  • steve918 10:21 pm on October 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    All your VPS I can haz 

    I just got my Virtual Private Server (VPS) from VPSLink and spent a few hours trying to get things set up the way I wanted. (See previous post) Then I was trying to get on it to move my blog over and stuff and it just quit working, so I sent their tech support a note:

    Me: “It seems my VPS has fallen over and I can’t seem to get it to come
    back up.”
    VPSLink: “The hardware node that your VPS is on has died because of a filesystem
    error, and all of the VPSs on it were lost. We are restoring all of the
    VPSs from a backup to a different hardware node now.”

    D’oh! That’s kind of disappointing. I doubt any part of my server image will be salvaged since It hadn’t even been up for 24 hours. In all I only lost about an hours worth of work and I didn’t loose any content, but this is pretty scary. What if I had put my blog and stuff on there. It might have all been lost. I sure hope VPSLink gets it together soon and keeps it together. If there is anything I hate, it’s loosing data. For now I’m sticking with them because you really can’t beat their price or offerings for a VPS, but I’ll be extremely diligent about keeping backups.

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    VPSLink, "Lighty" 

    I just signed up for a VPS (Virtual Private Server) account with VPSLink. I finally decided to get rid of my flaky DSL service and abandon my static IP’s for a cheaper, faster connection through Cox Cable. The only problem with doing so is that my Blog and a few other sandbox sites I have run off of a box at my house on a static IP that I’ve had through AT&T forever.

    I could have got a traditionally PHP hosting account, which is all I really need, but I wanted something I could install what ever I want on it and hack the /etc files to meet my needs.

    I’m very impressed with how easy it is to change your OS image on the fly and how large the selection of Linux Distro’s is. I can install almost instantly, ArchOS, Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora, and several other great distros.

    Unfortunately everything didn’t go quite as planned. I was initially extremely excited they offer a VPS for only $7.95. Sound to good to be true? Well, it is true, but not really that good. You see, the VPS they offer at that price only has 64mb of memory. If you haven’t tried lately, it’s pretty much impossible to run a LAMP stack on 64mb of memory. It certainly isn’t possible with the default configurations available via the latest versions of CentOS or Ubuntu. I did a bit of hacking on the Apache and MySQL config files and was able to turn down the memory usage a bit, but I never got it close to being under 64mb. So I upgraded to the $14.95 package which offers 128mb of RAM and surprisingly, I’m still having issues getting Apache and MySQL to play nice in such a small space. I eventually dropped Apache for Lighttpd and got a bit of extra space and turned off innoDb support in MySQL and now I have a fairly functional PHP/MySQL server. I’m really loving Lighttpd. It was far easier to configure than Apache is and seems much leaner and meaner.

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    OpenID will save the world from Phishing (and world hunger) 

    I know what your thinking… “I thought OpenID made phishing worse!”  With the current state of things this can be true.  Any site can easily pose as an OpenID relier and then redirect you to a fake Identity provider that looks like yours. The good news is OpenID will eventually solve this problem in ways that your bank couldn’t even dream of.

    By separating the authentication process and making it predictable across sites, it will be possible to detect and prevent unexpected behavior. There is already a cool plug-in called seat belt that recognizes sites with OpenID support and during login it warns you if you are redirected anywhere besides your identity provider. I suspect browsers in the future will have built-in support for this type of thing.

    Few of the problems facing OpenID are unique. The concern over identifier recycling exists today with email. I dropped my hotmail account in favor of GMail a long time ago and if someone ever picked up my hotmail username, it would be possible for them to gain access to a number of sites as me via typical account recovery mechanisms. The thing is… I don’t care. I gave my bank, PayPal, eBay and every other account I really care about have my new email address. This doesn’t mean that someone won’t get bitten by it, but it’s not a problem that’s unique to OpenID. There is already quite a bit of talk as to how to solve this problem and I’m sure that it will be and soon, it will be another one of those problems that OpenID solves that couldn’t be before.

    So to everyone who’s like ZOMG OpenID is so insecure, because it doesn’t solve world hunger. 1. I personally believe world hunger only exists in the Asian countries and therefore such as the Iraq and was such was there before OpenID like. 2. Give it time.

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