All your VPS I can haz

I just got my Virtual Private Server (VPS) from VPSLink and spent a few hours trying to get things set up the way I wanted. (See previous post) Then I was trying to get on it to move my blog over and stuff and it just quit working, so I sent their tech support a note:

Me: “It seems my VPS has fallen over and I can’t seem to get it to come
back up.”
VPSLink: “The hardware node that your VPS is on has died because of a filesystem
error, and all of the VPSs on it were lost. We are restoring all of the
VPSs from a backup to a different hardware node now.”

D’oh! That’s kind of disappointing. I doubt any part of my server image will be salvaged since It hadn’t even been up for 24 hours. In all I only lost about an hours worth of work and I didn’t loose any content, but this is pretty scary. What if I had put my blog and stuff on there. It might have all been lost. I sure hope VPSLink gets it together soon and keeps it together. If there is anything I hate, it’s loosing data. For now I’m sticking with them because you really can’t beat their price or offerings for a VPS, but I’ll be extremely diligent about keeping backups.