Leopard: Tiger, but uglier

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of Apple hardware and enjoy using OS X. I love the sexy interface and actually embrace pressing ‘Apple’ + <Anykey> to do things. I’ve owned a Mac for quite a while. I even have a couple one-button mice that I still use. I’m typing this blog post right now on a Tiger machine.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy Leopard also, but I have to admit, my first impression of it was a bit of a disappointment, mainly due to the visual appeal of the new interface. Everything seems so drab and monochromatic. It just looks to me like a reverse evolution in the sexy interface department. Here is a small example of what I’m talking about

Old Tiger Icons: New Leopard Icons:
Tiger Icons Leopard icons

I’m sure someone will find the Leopard drab color scheme appealing, but I like COLOR!