Wacky bugs

Mac User’s BEWARE:
This one is probably one of the nastiest bugs I’ve seen in a while:


I know someone personally who was bitten by this one. Upgrading Quickbooks will actually delete your entire Desktop folder and all of it’s contents. There are a couple of suggested work-arounds people have posted. Intuit really let this one slip through.

Apparently the guys at Microsoft work really hard. In fact, in order to have more productive months, they have extended them to 49.7 days. Here is some evidence that it must be so:



Internet Explorer 6


Windows 95/98


Actually it turns out there are exactly 4,294,967,296 ( The size of a DWORD ) seconds in 49.7 days. Which seems to be the common thread in each of these bugs. It appears running windows update should have fixed all of these issues some time ago, but as a software developer I can always appreciate a neat bug.