iPhone SDK Sucks – Why Apple doesn't have a clue

If you didn’t run out and upgrade to Leopard and/or buy a spanking new Intel Macintosh, you won’t be developing applications for the iPhone. Besides, unless you’ve done a bit of Mac development before, your going to be behind because iPhone applications are written in Objective C. Who really wants to learn Objective C just to hack on their iPhone? Not me.

To make matters worse, once you’ve finished developing your beautiful new iPhone application the only way you’ll be able to distribute it is through iTunes, and only after Apple takes a %30 cut.

Can you image what would happen if Microsoft said they were releasing a new version of Windows mobile that could only be developed on from Windows Vista on a nearly new PC and when you were done you could only distribute applications for it through Windows Media and they were going to take %30 of your profits!? Everyone would just laugh at them all the way to court.

Guess it’s back to hacking on broken bits of Android… *sigh*