I blog therefore I am.

I am now the official Steven Osborn of the internet. How did I accomplish the feat? Well, it wasn’t by spending hours practicing to be an accomplished pianist or by becoming an experienced realtor. I certainly didn’t take the time to become a doctor and I’m not much of an athlete.

What I have done is discovered the dark art of blogging. In this society where the success or failure of an individual or business is measured by their Google PageRank™; bloggers rule the world. We now live in a time where any slightly technical opinionated idiot can make a name for themselves and become blogfamous. Due to a small glitch in social history Geeks have managed to become social icons and have created numerous virtual hangouts where they can accumulate virtual friends, participate in virtual games and do virtual chores all the while avoiding actual human contact.

So what will I do now that I’ve reached the ePeen level cap? Try to take over the world!

Notice: This message may or may not self destruct in 30 years dot com.