Fun in the Portland Sun.

This past weekend, the family and I went see Vidoop’s new office in Portland, OR. I got there expecting cool weather, cloud cover and rain, but it ended up being quite warm and sunny the entire time we were there.

We arrived on Thursday and that evening ate a wonderful Peruvian dinner the with the Vidoop crew.

Friday we received a two part guided tour of Portland from Kevin Fox of Vidoop. During the tour my wife and I made it a game to point out all of the Star Bucks and Toyota Priuses along the way and I have to say both were plentiful.

After the tour we met with Jenny’s Aunt Judy who lives in Vancouver Washington for dinner and got lots of fun pictures with Noah’s third-cousins.

Saturday morning we visited Washington park and it was very impressive. We only got to see a few of the venues there, but they were a blast.

The Children’s Musem was an amazing amount of fun. I think I enjoyed it more than Noah did. He was fully engaged the entire time we were in there. As soon as we got him in his stroller and walked through the door he was out like a light. I really wish there was something like this in Tulsa (Especially when I was growing up). It could provide endless amounts of fun for young kids.

Then just a short bus ride away we saw the International Rose Test Garden which was pretty amazing itself, but somehow we managed to land in Portland on the hottest day ever so we got tiered of walking around after a short period of time and found some shade to relax under and listen to a woman sing and play the harp.

Saturday evening we had some beers and killer barbeque at the Kveton house.

Overall it was a great deal of fun and Portland is a beautiful city.