out of the gates Just a few ours after launch and my email box is chalked full of subscriber notices for the latest buzz on the interwebs. As of this posting they were still under 3,000 users, but growing quickly. The small number of users actually makes the public time-line fun.

The Good:

  • OpenID Support
  • Open Source
  • Beginnings of an Open/Distributed Platform

The Bad:

  • No Delete
  • No SMS support
  • No User search
  • No mobile version

The Ugly:
It’s written to run on top of a single MySQL instance without sharding/partitioning support which will have a hard time competing with twitter in the scalability department. The name is a bit awful, twitter is a much cuter name. Besides, what are we going to call an update? A Ident? Not quite as cute as a ‘Tweet’.

I’m not really certain if this has the makings of a twitter-killer that can finally put an end to the fail-whale, but I’m really excited about the openness aspect, openid support and idea of a distributed micro-blogging platform. I would most enjoy eventually being a WordPress plug-in and micro-blogging becoming an extension of my typical blogging and XMPP.