My Top 20 Internet Memes

Everyone loves a good internet meme. They are the defining moments in the internets. They are what makes the internet so random and fun.

This post was originally going to be my top 10, but I came up with more so here they are:

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  • 20. Frog in a Blender – If you’ve seen this one before you were on the internets before it was plural.
  • 19. Chuck Norris Facts – Chuck Norris can divide by zero and if I left him off this list he might round-house kick me into a worm hole in space.
  • 18. Million Dollar Homepage – This falls in the wtf, why didn’t I think of that category.
  • 17. O RLY? – Yes Really.
  • 16. Ellen Feiss – Everyone thought she was idiotic and high when she starred in a Apple ‘switch’ campaign ad, but that didn’t stop the onslaught of geek worship. For a short period in time she was a geek goddess.
  • 15. Domo-kun kills a Kitten – Without the kittens there could be no LOL cats.
  • 14. Diet Coke and Mentos – SCIENCE. It works, bitches.
  • 13. Will it Blend? – Me thinks so.
  • 12. Dramatic Chipmunk – Is seriously hates being called a chipmunk. After all he’s a Prairie Dog.
  • 11. Summoner Geeks – Nothing is as funny (or sad) as the truth.
  • 10. Daft Hands/Bodies – A little Techno music and body modification via sharpie and you’ve discovered an entirely new art form.
  • 9. Badger Badger Badger – Mushroom Mushroom. Panic! A snake! Snake! A snake! Oh, it’s a snake
  • 8. Starwars Kid – (Obligatory) The force is strong in this one.
  • 7. Numa Numa – Like the ‘Star-wars Kid’, there is just something funny about a fat kid with no shame.
  • 6. Evolution of Dance – Although I’ve seen this so many times I can’t stand it anymore, it certainly deserves to be on the list simply because of how many eyeballs have seen it.
  • 5. All Your Base Are Belong To Us – This was the first ‘internet phenomena’ that I actually remember being referred to as a meme. It is one of the great classics.
  • 4. YTMND – (Your The Man Now Dog) Nothing like Sean Connery getting jiggy. This managed to create an entire class of memes at
  • 3. I Can Has Cheesburger – Like YTMND, ICHCB is now it’s own genre of memes.
  • 2. Leeroy JenkinsI’m not sure this is actually funny to anyone who hasn’t played WoW before, but to those who have this is priceless.
  • 1. Rick Roll – Rick has to win this fight simply because of how well it caught on. On April fools this was all over the mainstream media.