Android Market Success/Blunders

Android Password Safe has surpassed 10,000 downloads, it’s really exciting when a weekend project turns into something people actually use!

Having an app on Android Market has been quite an adventure. The download counter will reset every time I upload a new version of my application, then suddenly correct itself several days later. There is no upgrade notification for users who have already downloaded my app. The only way they’ll know is if they manually check for updates (lame). In addition to Android’s brokenness I created quite a bit of heartache for myself. After uploading the first version of the Password Safe I managed to loose the key used to sign the application. This caused considerable pain to the end users who had to export all of their passwords, uninstall APWS and then re-install and import their passwords.

Even though Android market place has some serious issues, it’s getting the word out about all of the great applications out there and overall I’m pretty excited about the future of the platform