New Years Hacking

Things I enjoyed hacking on/with most in 2008:

  • Android – I lost count a long time ago of the hundreds of hours wasted hacking on mobile applications for Android.
  • Python – I’ve used Python in the past, but I’ve had the opportunity to write some really applications with it recently and it’s been quite a pleasure.
  • Paver – This is a really great tool for creating administrative task scripts for you applications.
  • Django – Finally reached v 1.0 on my birthday and became the framework with magical pony powers.
  • Amazon Web Services – Seriously could [almost] kiss Jeff Bezos
  • App Engine – Not sure when I’ll ever build a real applications on top of AppEngine, but it was fun

2008 Hacking Pains:

  • Android – We have a love-hate relationship.
  • PostgreSQL replication
  • Google Doc’s API limitations
  • PHP session garbage collection – Lets roll some dice to see if the next web request is going to be really slow.

In no particular order, things to learn (more of) in 2009:

  • Erlang
  • Stackless Python
  • Twisted
  • Cocoa, iPhone Development, ObjC
  • Dynamic Programming
  • OpenGL
  • Protobuffers/Thrift
  • Hadoop, CouchDB, Drizzle, Cassandra– Still waiting for an excuse to build something fun using a bleeding-edge database engine.

If this list seems completely random to you, welcome to the way my mind works. There’s nothing more enjoyable to me than hacking on something I’ve barely heard of before.