Flashing led mind control widget

Ok so maybe I’m still working on the mind control part, but I’m going to figure out how Apple does it and just emulate that. The flashing led part I have got down though.

I had the opportunity to take a Eagle CAD workshop given by the local Dorkbot group. It turned out to be a blast. Probably the best $35 I’ve ever spent – seriously it was only $35 and I got 6+ hours of instruction and three copies of the circuit board I designed!

Below is a picture of the CAD drawing of the circuit board. It’s should appear pretty close to scale on your screen. It is just a Atmel attiny13 micro-controller powering a RGB led. Which is pretty similar to my RGB nightlight, but with much cheaper parts and a better footprint.

RGB Fader

One other interesting bit: I don’t own a AVR programmer, I’m actually using my Arduino compatible board running mega-isp to program it.