$51 Standing Desk

Below are some pictures of my office in my new house. The piece I’m most proud of is the standing desk I put together from cheap parts purchased at IKEA. Overall I have $51.50 in parts.  To keep cost down it’s mounted on one side and the back to the wall using standard shelf mounts I paid $0.50ea for.  The top is an IKEA Vika Amon for $20 and the single leg is a Vika Byske  priced at $30.00.  You could save some money if you came up with a cheaper option for the leg, but this one looks good and is adjustable up to the height I needed.

Attaching the legs to the bottom of the table. Notice three sides are attached to the wall with $0.50 shelf mounts.

Using the file cabinet to support one side, nothing attached to the wall yet, just getting it level.

The final result! Being used to write this blog post.

I spent some time and searching a experimenting with different heights by stacking my file cabinet and some books on the side opposite the leg. I settled in around 44.5″ and screwed it into the wall with the assistance of a laser level.

I’ve drilled a hole through the top with my hole saw and just need to find a grommet to stick in it to finish it off.