Golang on Raspberry Pi

It took a few tries for me to get it working, but I have Go running on my Raspberry Pi.

Here are a few of the references I used to get it working:

Between the three of those I have a working installation and my test app is pretty snappy. The embedded web-server and test app are running on less than 1mb of memory so far.

For anyone who is interested I uploaded the .deb files so you can install them via dpkg instead of waiting on it to compile.

I also got a $10 wifi dongle I purchased on eBay working, great fun this weekend.

Update: Although having Debian packages would be nice the method I used had some issues when using cgo.  For this reason I would highly recommend building from the current repository tip from source using the first tutorial above by Dave Cheney.  By doing so you will no longer need to apply the patch listed.