Over the past few years I’ve participated in many open-source project, some examples are listed below.


Read Sync

Read Sync allows you to track the books you are reading and share them with your friends easily and automatically.


Android Password Safe

Apache 2 licensed, secure password storage application for Google’s Android mobile platform. It uses AES 128bit encryption to keep passwords secure. Includes support for password groups, and CSV import/export.

Less than two weeks after Android’s initial release I answered with the first working version of Android Password Safe. I worked through the Thanks Giving weekend to release the
first publicly available third-party application
with source code.

Nearly a year later the first Android phone was released and Android Password Safe was made available via Android Marketplace. In a very short time Android Password Safe was installed twenty-thousand times!

IDentity In The Browser (IDIB)

First publicly available open-source OpenID Firefox plug-in.

This project was the result of an Vidoop Labs project I piloted. The effort aims to solve some of the usability and user-experience issues facing OpenID.

Since launch Vidoop has worked with Myspace and Flock to integrate OpenID into Flock’s browser which has got quite a bit of attention lately.

  • PC Magazine – MySpace Pushes OpenID Through Vidoop Deal
  • Mashable – Flock Works With MySpace On OpenID
  • MarketWatch – MySpace, Flock and Vidoop Collaborate to Develop OpenID Identity …
  • Wired – Flock’s New Add-on Proves OpenID In The Browser Can Work

Android Notes

Note pad application for Android mobile devices. The goal for this is to have a notepad for Android that syncs to the cloud. The obvious places for this to sync would be Google Docs or Google Notebook since every Android owner has a Google account. Unfortunately the API’s for these services don’t allow two way syncing, so I’m still trying to decide what services to sync with.


OpenID Plugin for Drupal 5. This project is no longer active, Drupal now includes OpenID support in version 6.

Undroid Package Manager

A package manager for the Android mobile platform. I put put quite a bit of time and effort developing this package, but ultimately it was made irrelevant by Google market place.